• Licensing and controlling advertising and hawking business activities.

  • Planning and controlling development including providing research, structure plan and local plan.

  • Coordinating, promoting and assisting potential and able new townships.

  • Controlling buildings, advertising and signboards.

  • Supervising the disposal of public waste and town sanitation

  • Improving environmental management and sanitation.

  • Improving the area landscape and beauty.

  • Improving and upgrading the basic amenities.

  • Promoting rapid and competitive economic activities.

  • Providing, managing and maintaining infrastructure facilities.

  • Managing and maintaining traffic system within the administrative area.

  • Providing public amenities such as marketplace, stalls, hall, recreational areas, bus station and library.

  • Charging assessment tax on property owners in an approachable and fair basis.

  • Striving to create a happy and tranquil urban life.

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