Assessment tax which is not paid will be issued a Demand Notice (Form E) which includes late payment penalty fee as below:

Arrears Amaunt

Penalty Fee

Less than RM150.00


More than RM150.00-RM250


More than RM250.00-RM600.00


More than RM600.00

RM10.00 for additional RM100 of part there of



What should you do if you are renting a house / building?

You can present the bills to the owner of the property for payment. If the owner fails to settle the bill, all your moveable assets in the building will be seized. As a protection, you could pay the rent to MPPK until the arrears are settled. Provision of Section 151 (6), Local Government Act protects you as a tenant.

What should you do if you want to buy a house / empty lot?
Check with KKMC for the registered owner and any arrears for the house / land to avoid regret later.
Section 146, Local Government Act 1976, emphasises that it is the responsibility of the current owner to settle all rates (arrears). You are advised to check this out with a lawyer or the property agent to ensure that all arrears are paid by the previous owner.

What need to be done in transfer of ownership:  buying / selling / inheriting house, property, empty lot?
Please inform KKMC by submitting the completed transfer of property ownership notice form together with the supporting documents (grant copy, identity card, and latest settled tax bill) within 3 months of ownership transfer. Failing to do so, KKMC can take action according to Section 160 (6) Local Government Act, that is, you can be fined up to RM2000 or jailed not more than 6 months, or both.

Can you apply for rate assessment exemption or reduction, if house / building are not occupied?
Your assessment rate could be reduced as long as you give a written notice to KKMC to inform about it, and satisfy the conditions as stated under Section 162 Local Government Act 1976. You must also inform KKMC if the building / house is demolished, destroyed or moved to another site.

How could you pay the Assessment Tax if you cannot pay in one lump sum?
KKMC will evaluate the payment to be made on monthly instalment basis. You are advised to go to the Valuation Department, KKMC to discuss the matter. If it is approved, an agreed schedule to pay the assessment tax on an instalment basis will be made between you and KKMC.